Pre-marital Mentoring

Marriage is like a roller coaster ride. Do you remember the last time you rode on a roller coaster? Prior to the launch uniformed staff pace up and down the platform to ensure that every passenger is safely buckled in while instructions issued over the PA system fall on deaf ears.

This mirrors what happens over and over again at many marriage preparation programmes. Because the couples are still in the pre-marital stage they are unaware how important many of the instructions given during the programme are. I’ve been there and I understand. That’s why I am doing it differently.

My Pre-marital Mentoring Programme consists of 4 meet-ups. Two of them will take place before the wedding to point you in the right direction, and 2 more after to help you start the Marriage Journey on the right foot. Each one and a half hour meet-up is interactive and practical and instructional. Using the PREPARE Customised Relationship Inventory you will be able to identify strengths and growth areas of your relationship. My goal is to help you increase your compatibility in expectations, personality, communication, conflict resolution, financial management, leisure activity, sexuality, children and parenting, relationship roles, and religion.

My standard rates apply.

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