Marriage Mentoring for Parents


Congratulations! You’ve become new parents (or will be soon). It is a joyous ocassion and can be a trying one too

Research has found that 69% of couples experience a dip in their marital satisfaction within one year of having a child. Most couples, who have an average marriage to begin with, do not recover after that. Before long the second child comes along and the marriage takes a hit, again. It is so easy for couples in this state to drift apart and go their separate ways eventually.

This can be prevented.

Marriage Mentoring for Couples will prepare you to face and overcome the combined challenges of marriage and parenting. You will be better at communicating with one another and thus reducing the frequency and intensity of conflicts between the two of you. You will form new rituals that connects and unites, discover new meaning to family, money, work and others. Last, but not least, you will be equipped to raise an emotionally intelligent child.

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