Marriage Mentoring for Couples

pexels-photo-54278If you have ever embarked on a long road trip, you’d know that some planning will make it more manageable and pleasant. You would per-determine where and when the pit-stops would take place – a time for refreshment and to stretch those legs. At the pit-stop, you will be served by those selling food, drinks and other necessities.

The Marriage Journey is long too and you would be wise to schedule ‘pit-stops’ to refresh, to revitalise, and to re-connect. As your Marriage Mentor, I will be there to meet you and:

  • monitor the vitals signs of your marriage;
  • share with you time-tested principles for making marriage work;
  • impart techniques in conflict resolution;
  • help you grow closer as friends;
  • guide your preparations for parenthood.

My standard rates apply.

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