20 Years Later

Imagine that you have bought a brand new house. You also have had it fully decorated and furnished. Then, as soon as it is ready, you leave for another country. Meanwhile, the brand new house stands unoccupied. What do you think you will see when you return twenty years later? According to the Second Law…

The Lifelong Impact of Divorce on Children

Imagine a family as an airplane in flight. You can argue and still get to your destination in tact. But divorce is the parents opening the emergency exit and jumping out and pulling the rip cord only for themselves. All the while yelling “You’ll be fine!”

How new parents can maintain intimacy with each other

Our youngest child is nothing like the two before her. She has an indepenedent streak but at the same time will not leave our sides. Literally. Whether we are walking, sitting or lying down in bed, she insists on being in between mummy and daddy. This went on till she was about three years old….

4 Reasons The Health Of Your Marriage Must Come Before Your Children.

Over the past 17 years, we’ve discovered that many things create a healthy and happy home. The biggest? Putting the health of our marriage above our children. It’s usually 8:30 when I give the first warning shot to my two teenaged daughters. At 9pm, I say, “Fifteen minutes till it’s time for you two to head…

Happy Wife, Happy Father

Written by Parcsen Loke For years, husbands have been stuck with the mantra “happy wife, happy life” because nothing rhymes with husband. The closest anyone has ever come was “happy husband, stuff gets done.” Some have suggested to replace the old, tired, gendered “happy wife, happy life” mantra with the much more postmodern “happy spouse,…