Successful Marriage

Loose to Win

A win-win solution is desired in every situation. From business deals to relationships. To get there requires compromise, a process in which parties must be ready to give up some of their so-called non-negotiables in order to move closer to a mutually agreed settlement or solution. In that sense, lose-lose is the only outcome of… Continue reading Loose to Win

Successful Marriage

How important is Active Listening?

A widely recommended form of marital relationship advice has been active listening, in which one partner paraphrases the other partner's concerns--"So what I hear you saying is . . ." But that is unnatural and requires too much of people who are in the midst of emotional conflict, said psychologist John Gottman of the University… Continue reading How important is Active Listening?

Successful Marriage

Difficult Things Men Need to Understand About Marriage

First, let's be clear about one thing: An epic marriage is one of the best and hardest things ever, period. Plus there are probably legions of difficult things men need to understand about marriage. Next, let's not forget the fact that any relationship of a high caliber demands constant adaptation and change. Finally, strong marriages… Continue reading Difficult Things Men Need to Understand About Marriage