What a Good Marriage is


Buckle up for the Ride of your Life

Marriage is like a roller coaster ride. There will ups and down’s, twists and turns. Those new to it might end up screaming and closing their eyes the whole time. But if you have learned the skill like I have you will be able to just enjoy the ride and the view from up there.

The question in the in minds of thoseĀ getting married is that of COMPATIBILITY. But, truth be told, compatibility based on personality traits alone is overrated and unreliable in predicting success in marriage. I will help you increase your COUPLEBILITY – the sustainability of being in a committed and loving relationship, and lay the foundation for a lasting marriage.

You might beĀ married and think that you have the best marriage you can achieve, and you are probably right. But what if I can help you make it better? Would you want it?

If you are new parents, you will need to be prepared to face the combined challenges of marriage and parenthood. Plus, you can learn how to raise emotionally intelligent children by being an Emotion Coach.

If you belong to any of the three groups, feel free to get in touch with me through the Contact page. I’m waiting for you.